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Solve all your IT concerns at once

Solve all your IT concerns at once
All In One
IT Manager’s Concerns
  • Absence of asset management for work PCs
  • Control of non-business use of work PCs
  • Absence of data management for retirees
  • Absence of co-use PC management
  • Absence of understanding network configuration
IT Asset Management and Use Control
  • Provides resource usage information of PCs
  • Provides program information installed on PCs
  • Provide resource usage information by program
  • Provide PC usage record information
  • Provide Internet usage history information
  • Blocking Unauthorized Programs
  • Full automatic backup
  • Provides network information such as MAC, IP
Security Administrator's Concerns
  • Hacking
  • Data leakage by insiders
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Unknown zombie PCs
  • Security incident follow-up
  • Personal information security
Cyber Attack Defense and Security Management
  • Prevent hacking attacks
  • Logging insider's data transfer history
  • Prevent ransomware attacks
  • Block unknown excessive traffic
  • Automated log analysis
  • Tracing personal information files
User's Concerns
  • Hacking attacks
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Unknown upload to P2P
  • Unknown zombie PC
  • Too many security programs
  • Deleted files by mistake
Cyber Attack Defense & Data Recovery
  • Prevent hacking attacks
  • Prevent ransomware attacks
  • Prevent known upload to P2P
  • Block unknown excessive traffic
  • All in one seurity
  • Full automatic smart backup


The world's only preemptive defense + Automatic backup + Anomaly Monitoring
  • 1Data Hacking Prevention
  • 2File Attachment Control
  • 3Preventing Zombie PCs
  • 4Media-Use Control
  • 5Internet Access Control
  • 6Anomaly Monitoring
  • 1Ransomware Attack Prevention
  • 2Fully Automatic Smart Backup
  • 3Anomaly Monitoring
EPS (Endpoint Protection System)
  • Anti-Hacking
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Anomaly Monitoring

Introduction of Anti-Hacking functions

Div Functions Features of trueEP
Data Hacking Prevention Data hacking prevention Blocking exporting files stored on the disk without user input
Tracing personal information files Notification of personal information document transmission
Logging insider's data transfer history Logging exporting files stored on the disk by insider
File attachment control Restrict transmission of files by attaching them to e-mail/messenger
Restrict the size of files attached to e-mail and messenger
Print security When printing, insert a watermark - image or text
Logging printing history
Preventing Zombie PCs Block unknown excessive traffic Block when traffic above the threshold (adjustable) occurs without user input
Media-Use Control USB-Media control USB-Media set to Enable/Disable/Read only mode
Allow only authorized USBs to be used
Tethering control Prevent tethering function from being used
Blacklist control Block the execution of programs by blacklist
Internet access control Block the access of internet by blacklist

Introduction of Anti-Ransomware functions

Div Functions Features of trueEP
Ransomware attacks prevention Blocking ransomware behavior The only product that can defend against unknown ransomware
Full automatic smart backup Smart backup Run backup only during CPU idle time
Stop backup while using PC
Specify the storage space size according to the user's PC status
Automatic deletion of old files when storage space is insufficient
Set up only specified folders or files to be backed up
Full automatic backup Self-backup without user intervention
Backup by automatically recognizing file creation and changes
Automatic recovery Automatic recovery tool (can only be restored by the provided recovery tool)
Restore by selecting the original file path or a specified new path
Motoring & Managing Monitoring of the backup status for individual users from the trueEP Manager
Backup policies can be set for individual users from the trueEP Manager
Backup to external storage Supporting the external backup by FTP / NAS
DB backup Supporting the Date Base backup

Introduction of Anomaly monitoring functions

Functions Description
PC uptime monitoring Signs of abnormal operation can be detected by monitoring PC uptime
Web page access history monitoring Anomalies can be detected by monitoring web page access records
Resource usage monitoring Anomalies can be detected by monitoring CPU, memory, network usage, etc.
Program installation status monitoring Signs of malicious code installation can be detected by monitoring program installation status
Personal information monitoring Prepare for personal information security by monitoring the holding status of documents containing personal information

Differentiation of unknown attack defense principle (Patent No. 10-0676912)

Defense principles of conventional products Defense principles of trueEP
Defense principles Block signature-based malware infection.
- Method to prevent COVID infection with a mask
Malicious behavior blocking.
- Method of inhibiting viral activity by autoantibodies
Concept Incoming packets are checked to see if they contain known malicious codes, and if so, they are deleted. When a process behavior occurs on the PC (or server), it is determined whether the behavior was executed by the user or not, and if the behavior was not executed by the user, it is blocked.
Limitations + Defenseless against unknown malware
+ Need to patch from time to time
+ Increased capacity of security products
Methods to exclude the behavior of auto-executing business programs.
Features Inability to fundamentally defend against unknown cyberattacks in conventional ways. + Block even unknown attacks
+ No frequent patching required
+ Program size is very small ( 5MB )

Delivery types of trueEP

Applied area Descriptions
By functional Purpose of preventing hacking attacks If you want to defend against hacking attacks and prepare for abnormal symptoms.
Purpose of preventing ransomware attacks If you want to defend against ransomware attacks and prepare for abnormal symptoms.
Integrated security purpose If you want to defend against normal hacking attacks and ransomware attacks, and prepare for abnormal symptoms.
By purpose Server protection purpose If the target to be protected are business server products.
PC protection purpose If the target to be protected are business PCs.
Purpose of protecting special equipments If the target to be protected are special devices such as POS, ATM, KIOSK, Smart factory devices, etc.
By service On-premise If you want to operate a own management server.
SaaS / Cloud If you want to install only the agent and connect to the cloud-based management server for operation.

Configurations of trueEP

Configurations of trueEP 01
Configurations of trueEP 02
Configurations of trueEP 03

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