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Damage of cyber crime is escalating day by day
"Protect your computer for yourself"

Why trueEP

– Difference in technology

Why trueEP – Difference in technology
trueEP Others
Technology Transparent proprietary technology Common AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, etc.
Unknown Attack Defense Blocking without patch Blocking after patch
Customer Applicability Confirmed since 2006 In emerging stage
Resource Usage Light Heavy
Features All in One

Meeting Gartner’s Requirements

EPP(Endpoint Protection Platform)
Endpoint DLP
Application control and sandboxing
Behavioral monitoring of app code
Port and device control
Vulnerability assessment
Enterprise mobility management
Endpoint detection and remediation
Full-disk and file encryption
Memory protection ×
Anti-malware ×
Personal firewall ×
EDR(Endpoint Detection and Response)
Detect security incidents
Aontain the incident at the endpoint
Investigate security incidents
Remediate endpoints to a pre-infection state


Why trueEP – Convenience
trueEP Others
Patch No patch Frequently requested
Action in case of emergency None – Self-Defense Need to respond urgently - Disconnecting the network and power, etc.
Exception Self-Exceptions by users Request to Vendor

Who need trueEP

Please consider using trueEP for the person who relevant with followings

Who need trueEP
  • I want to stop my PC from getting hacked.
  • I want to stop my PC from being used as a zombie PC.
  • I'm afraid my PC will be attacked by ransomware.
  • I want to know what's happening on my PC involuntarily.
  • I want to know if there are P2P, Grid Service, File Sharing Service, and Adware installed on my PC involuntarily.
  • I want to know if there are Spyware, Search Tools, Toolbars, and Streaming Services installed on my PC involuntarily.
  • I'm using prior version of Windows 7 that has stopped supporting by MicroSoft


01. Next-Gen DLP
02. Anti-Zombie
03. Anti-Ransomware
04. Smart Backup
05. Monitoring
06. On-Demand Security