TrueCut Security,Inc.

The only solution for Ransomware attack
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  • Perfect defense
    by CoA(Cut on Active)
  • Perfect safety
    by Smart Backup

Why RansomFree?

  • The only solution with the fundamental blocking technology
  • The only solution with the new concept of malicious act blocking method
  • Double defense by own smart backup technology

Features of CoA(Cut on Active) Engine

  • The blocking method which cut malicious acts not codes
  • Blocking zero-day attacks by unknown malicious codes
  • A fundamental blocking engine based on the principle of computer operation
  • No detours by attackers

Blocking principle of RansomFree

  • Prevent encryption that are not executed by the user
  • Allow encryption that are executed by user
  • Judge whether user is executed or not by user's input behavior
  • Real-time Smart Backup for dual defense
  • Recover at any time when a file is damaged

Support OS

  • All versions of Microsoft Windows(32/64bits)

Product comparison

Ransm Free Trial Ransm Free APTfree
Ransom attack real-time defense
Real-time smart backup
Kill Ransomware Process
Delete Ransomware
Prevent file deletion attacks
Add file's extensions for protection
APT attack defense
Prevent Zombie PC
Accident tracking (transfer tracing)
Accident tracking (transfer tracing)
Prevent password spoofing
Media Control
Mail / Messenger Control
Watermark + Print Security
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