TrueCut Security,Inc.

Next_Gen Endpoint Protection


Comparison with traditional products
Why trueEP – Difference in technology
trueEP Others
Technology Own patented technology that fundamentally defends against unknown attacks Add a method to block an attack when it becomes known
Unknown Attack Defense Blocking without patch Blocking after patch
Verification Validated since 2006 Re-validate every patch
Resource Usage Light Heavy

We developed the new blocking concept to protect unknown attacks and TrojanCut is the world's first and the only product which is blocking unknown malware.

TrueCut Security, Inc. is the patentee of blocking malicious behavior technology based on human-interaction which is the most challenging and ultimate concept.
This is the most innovative technology of blocking unknown attacks by applying the computer's operating principles and physical limitations of remote attackers.


Div Functions Features of trueEP
Data Hacking Prevention Data hacking prevention Blocking exporting files stored on the disk without user input
Tracing personal information files Notification of personal information document transmission
Logging insider's data transfer history Logging exporting files stored on the disk by insider
File attachment control Restrict transmission of files by attaching them to e-mail/messenger
Restrict the size of files attached to e-mail and messenger
Print security When printing, insert a watermark - image or text
Logging printing history
Ransomware attacks prevention Blocking ransomware behavior The only product that can defend against unknown ransomware
Full automatic smart backup Smart backup Run backup only during CPU idle time
Stop backup while using PC
Specify the storage space size according to the user's PC status
Automatic deletion of old files when storage space is insufficient
Set up only specified folders or files to be backed up
Full automatic backup Self-backup without user intervention
Backup by automatically recognizing file creation and changes
Automatic recovery Automatic recovery tool (can only be restored by the provided recovery tool)
Restore by selecting the original file path or a specified new path
Motoring & Managing Monitoring of the backup status for individual users from the trueEP Manager
Backup policies can be set for individual users from the trueEP Manager
Backup to external storage Supporting the external backup by FTP / NAS
DB backup Supporting the Date Base backup
Preventing Zombie PCs Block unknown excessive traffic Block when traffic above the threshold (adjustable) occurs without user input
Media-Use Control USB-Media control USB-Media set to Enable/Disable/Read only mode
Allow only authorized USBs to be used
Tethering control Prevent tethering function from being used
Blacklist control Block the execution of programs by blacklist
Internet access control Block the access of internet by blacklist
Anomaly monitoring PC uptime monitoring Signs of abnormal operation can be detected by monitoring PC uptime
Web page access history monitoring Anomalies can be detected by monitoring web page access records
Resource usage monitoring Anomalies can be detected by monitoring CPU, memory, network usage, etc.
Program installation status monitoring Signs of malicious code installation can be detected by monitoring program installation status
Personal information monitoring Prepare for personal information security by monitoring the holding status of documents containing personal information

The implementation of integrated security by a single agent is possible.


  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly
    analysis report

  • Blocked status
    by time line analysis report

  • Blocked status
    by users analysis report

  • Blocked status
    by documents analysis report
    (hwp, doc, ppt, pdf, xls, ...)

  • Blocked status
    by destinations(attackers)
    analysis report

  • Blocked status
    by processes analysis report

Operating Environment

  • Agent (32/64bits support)

    Windows 2000XP / Windows VISTA
    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

  • Managing
    Server (32/64bits support)

    Windows 10