TrueCut Security,Inc.

Next_Gen Endpoint Protection


Comparison with traditional products

Why trueEP – Difference in technology
trueEP Others
Technology Transparent proprietary technology Common AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, etc.
Unknown Attack Defense Blocking without patch Blocking after patch
Customer Applicability Confirmed since 2006 In emerging stage
Resource Usage Light Heavy
Features All in One

We developed the new blocking concept to protect unknown attacks and TrojanCut is the world's first and the only product which is blocking unknown malware.

TrueCut Security, Inc. is the patentee of blocking malicious behavior technology based on human-interaction which is the most challenging and ultimate concept.
This is the most innovative technology of blocking unknown attacks by applying the computer's operating principles and physical limitations of remote attackers.


Functions - Description
Blocking Malicious Behavior
  • Preemptively blocking of information leakage from Servers and PCs - Blocking information leakage without users knowing it in real time
  • Preemptively blocking of Servers and PCs crash - Blocking crash attacks without users knowing it in real time
  • Preemptively blocking of attacks caused by Servers and PCs - Blocking attacks by zombie PCs or zombie Servers
Audit (Optional)
  • Outbound transfer logs audit - Transmission control and logs
Additional functions
  • Media control - Media control and logs
  • Printing security - Watermarks, and print control, logs
  • Mail Messenger security - Mail messenger control and logs
  • Internet security - Internet access control and logs
  • Remote maintenance - Remote maintenance
  • Password Security - Block password cracking
  • Whitelist Vaccine - Process Control by Whitelist

The implementation of integrated security by a single agent is possible.


  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly
    analysis report
  • Blocked status
    by time line analysis report
  • Blocked status
    by users analysis report
  • Blocked status
    by documents analysis report
    (hwp, doc, ppt, pdf, xls, ...)
  • Blocked status
    by destinations(attackers)
    analysis report
  • Blocked status
    by processes analysis report

Operating Environment

  • Agent (32/64bits support)
    Windows 2000XP / Windows VISTA
    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • Managing
    Server(32/64bits support)
    Windows 10 Pro
    Maria DB



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