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Title Todays Ransomware - Maze
Name Operator Date 2023-11-01 View 44
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Cognizant, a major IT services corporation listed among the Fortune 500 with over 300,000 employees, 

has announced that it fell victim to the Maze ransomware attack. 

As a result, they were forced to suspend some of their services.

The Maze ransomware was first discovered in 2019 and has since gained notoriety by causing disruptions in places such as Florida State. 

What makes it even more malicious is its use of a technique known as "double extortion," 

where it not only demands a ransom but also threatens to leak the data if the ransom isn't paid. 

Experts have reported that Maze was among the first to popularize the practice of exfiltrating data before encrypting it, 

and using the double extortion strategy, even organizations with robust backup systems may feel compelled to comply with the attackers' demands.

Truecut Security Inc, an endpoint security solution company, obtained and tested the "Rhysida" ransomware 

and confirmed that It was preemptively protected by the malicious behavior blocking algorithm of trueEP, 

their own solution.

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